Taking into account the fact that the labor force is shrinking in the three countries of China, Japan and the ROK owing to population ageing and declining fertility, the role of women in participating in economic activities has become increasingly crucial to addressing labor force shortage and achieving inclusive and sustainable growth. Meanwhile, women in the three countries still face more barriers than men in terms of work opportunities, leadership positions, wages and entrepreneurship, etc. In addition, given that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the progress of digitalization and automation in diverse sectors and science technology and digital skill are at the heart of the jobs of the future, it is essential to increase the gender diversity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields and unlock women’s potential in harnessing digital skills for business.

Trilateral Entrepreneurs Forum (TEF) 2022, with the theme of “Co-creating the Future: Women’s Economic Empowerment for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth”, will bring together prominent business leaders and experts to examine the status of women’s economic participation in the three countries and explore measures to enhance women’s leadership in the business sector and discuss how women can play active roles in the digital era.

  • 15:30-15:35

    Opening Remarks

    Amb. OU Boqian, Secretary-General, Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS)
  • 15:35-15:45

    Congratulatory Remarks

    SUN Xiao, Secretary-General, China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC)
    HARA Ichiro, Managing Director, Keidanren
    KIM Bong-Man, Head of International Affairs Department, The Federation of Korean Industries (FKI)
  • 15:45-16:45

    [Plenary session] Women’s Economic Participation and Opportunity in China, Japan and the ROK

    HAMADA Keiko, Journalist, Former Chief Editor of "Business Insider Japan" / Former Editor-in-Chief of "AERA"
    HUANG Shu, Deputy Director-General, Liaison Department, All-China Women's Federation
    Kathy Matsui, General Partner, MPower Partners
    CHOI Jayoung, Professor, Former Executive Director of Startup Support Center, Soongsil University
    Rodora Turalde-Babaran, Director, Human Development, ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Department, the ASEAN Secretariat
  • 16:45-16:55


  • 16:55-17:55

    [Session 1] SHE LEADS: Empowering Female Entrepreneurship and Leadership

    CHOI Myoungwha, CEO, BlossomMe (Female Educational Platform)
    XIA Hua, Chairman of EVE Group, Founder of EVE China Handicraft Workshop
    HORIUCHI Mayuko, CEO, Sensyo Co., Ltd.
    HAN Mookyung, Former Chairman of Hyolim Group, Member of National Assembly of the ROK
    Susana Balbo, Former chair of Women’s 20 (W20), Founder and President of Susana Balbo Wines
  • 17:55-18:55

    [Session 2] SHE INNOVATES: Unlocking Potential of Women in the Digital Era

    ZHU Dan, Anchor, China Media Group (CCTV), Deputy Chief of Hong Kong Bureau, CCTV
    JIANG Yan, Chief Public Affairs Officer, Enflame
    KATO Yuriko, CEO, M2-Labo
    KIM Hyunjung, Managing Partner, IBM Consulting, Korea
  • 18:55-19:00

    Closing Remarks

    BEK Bum-hym, Deputy Secretary-General, Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS)